April 30, 2019

At Culture Fit Clothing, we believe that a woman in her true power knows no boundaries. There is nothing more empowering than the ability to move how we desire. As you are growing through your wellness journey, we want you to explore the freedom of movement every day. Here are some ways that we love to move in our Culture fit Clothing:

1. Dance your way to wellness.


(Shop our  Kristia's Pink Kente look here.)

If your next afrobeat dance break is at class or your bedroom make sure you’re moving in your Culture Fit set. Our body loving fabric and afro inspired prints will move to the beat of your vibe.


2. Push through the pressure at the gym.


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We all know that in order to gain you gotta put in the werk! So whether that’s upper or lower body action, your CFC will help you push through without pulling or tearing your set. (Shoutout to our DryFit fabric!)

 3. Flow through your yoga session.


(Shop Vanessa's Pink Kente look here)

As you transition into your warrior pose or downward dog, know that our moisture-wicking, high-performance leggings will hug your curves and stay in place no matter how far you forward fold.

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