April 11, 2019

It’s your season to thrive sis! Setting goals for yourself can be one of the healthiest things for you. Goals fuel our ambitions and motivate us to be our best selves. While achieving them can feel invaluable, the pressure we place on ourselves to accomplish them can be overwhelming. As you continue to work towards your goals, both long and short term, consider these tips to help beat the pressure:

1. Detach Digitally.


  • Take a mental break and detach from the internet. While social media is a great space to be connected and be in the know, it can create the illusion that you’re not doing enough. According to an article by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), “About 30% of those who use social media spend more than 15 hours per week online. This can greatly reduce your ability to enjoy real life.”  Because people use social media as a highlight reel, followers perceive these curated lives as reality. This belief can lead one into a rabbit hole of comparison. This type of consumption can make one lose focus and infiltrate mental peace.

    A digital detox can relieve the pressure you're putting on your personal timeline. Try taking breaks from social media one week at a time. Maybe journal about how letting go of FOMO made you feel. Were you focused? Less anxious?  More gentle with yourself? See what balancing internet use in a healthy way could do for you!

  • 2. Be Compassionate With Yourself.

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    As we are living in the digital age, instant gratification can be the greatest threat to our patience levels. This applies to personal goals too. When establishing long term goals, be mindful of the steps it takes to achieve them. If you’re not at the finish line yet, it doesn’t mean you failed.  Don’t personalize it or talk yourself out of getting there either. Your mind is a powerful force so be sure to manifest positivity, love, and strength. Remind yourself that you are still on your way and that’s okay. When it starts to feel tough, talk to the support around you (friends, family, mentors ) or journal your progress. That way you can step outside of yourself and recognize how far you’ve come!

     3. Struggle Is All About Perspective.

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    Struggle is an inherent part of the journey but your outlook is what will help you grow through it. When you hit a bump on the road, view it as fuel to keep you going. If you’re a glass-half-empty kind of person, look back at all of the times you let struggle get the best of you. Think about how far you didn’t get by holding on to what didn’t happen. Imagine what can happen when you use that same energy to let go and embrace challenges.

     4. Don’t Downplay Your Wins.

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    When working towards your goals, remember to celebrate all of your wins. Baby steps matter. This is important because your small wins position you for bigger ones. So if that means getting started on that project, attending your first workout class, or just getting 8 hours of sleep, pay attention to its value in your journey. 


  • 5. Rid Yourself of The Idea of Perfectionism.
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    Perfectionism can be pretty toxic to achieving goals. People often use perfectionism as a crutch to towards their dreams. “It’s not ready so I can publish it.” “It’s not just where I want it yet.” “It just needs a little more time.” Now, we’re not saying don’t strive for excellence. What we’re saying is,  don’t let your fear of not being perfect enough for the job, part, space, or goal stop you from trying at all.


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