How do I care for my items?

Washing Tips

Machine wash cold gentle cycle
Tumble dry gentle cycle low heat
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not dry clean

“Let Your Colors Thrive ”

Wash bright colors separately before wear
Wash according to care instructions
Keep bright-colored products separate from other fabrics when wet
Wash only like colors together so they stay bright and true

Additional Care Tips

Do Not Use Excessive Heat When Washing Or Drying. If you're short on time for air drying, tumble dry your gear on low heat.

Avoid washing your CFC pieces with dense or coarse fabrics such as denim, jackets, or apparel that has hardware (zippers, Velcro, etc.) as it can ruin the delicate mesh on your leggings or the design details on your sports bra or tank top.

*Bonus CFC tip: Remove sports bra cups when washing to help keep their shape.


What is the fabric content of the clothing items?

Culture Fit Clothing is designed for optimal comfort, fit, and curve appeal. Our moisture-wicking, DryFit material will not peel, tear, or become see-through so you can move to your soul’s content.


What are the benefits of a CFC yoga mat?

Our yoga mats come with maximum grippage, a super-soft top layer, optimal thickness to support your joints, and high quality, eco-friendly material in prints that show the world who you are. (Or at least, your yoga class. Gotta start somewhere!)


Will you carry sizes larger than XL and smaller than XS?

Our Culture Fit tribe strives to celebrate not just various cultures but all shapes and sizes. We are small and still growing, over time, you can expect to see a range of sizes added to each collection. Follow our journey by subscribing to our email list for the latest offerings.


Still have additional questions? Please send us an email at info@culturefitclothing.com