August 07, 2018

Have you decided it’s time to learn new ways to work that body out? Lucky for you, there are a plethora of ways to get your blood and energy flowing. If Yoga falls on your wellness bucket list, here are some tips on how to make it through your first class:

1. Make sure your mat is on point.

(Pictured: Left to right Purple Ankara,Pink Kente, andBlue Ankara Yoga Mats.)

You can’t do anything great without a solid foundation. The same thing applies to Yoga. When buying a yoga mat, whether it’s a basic sticky, cork, cotton-hemp, or natural rubber mat make sure to consider its density and grip. It’s preferred that the mat is not too soft or hard and that it has a good grip. Since you will be posing and potentially sweating, you need a mat that can help you keep balance and not slip.


2. You’re gonna feel like an idiot, but that’s okay because no one’s paying attention to you.

(Pictured left to right Purple Ankara Criss-Cross Sports Bra andLeggingsPink Kente Criss-Cross Sports Bra andLeggings, andBlue Ankara Criss-Cross Sports Bra andLeggings)

Let’s be real, even in beginners yoga, it’s still super weird if you’ve never done it before. It‘s a rather intimate experience and you can feel exposed. Truth is, so does everyone else. No one is concerned about you because it’s just that personal. Once class begins, everything else shuts out. It’s really just you and the guidance of the instructor. So just relax, and do you boo.


3. Don’t eat a big meal.

Source: @sugarberrry

Please eat light before going into a class. Yoga is all about seeking peace, but your body will be challenged along the way. You will be moving your body in ways that may be uncomfortable so a heavy meal will slow you down and make you lose focus. Try eating light food that will give you energy like bananas, almonds, or even smoothies.


4. Don’t be over-ambitious.

(Pictured: Pink Kente Criss-Cross Sports Bra, Leggings, and Yoga Mat)

Always be aware of your body and its capabilities. When attending class, some poses may appear to look easy and you may feel the urge to go all in. Don’t listen to that urge and instead, listen to your body. You want to make sure you are being safe and not over-exerting. So remember to ease in and out of each pose, you didn’t sign up to get injured.


5. “Sucking at yoga” is not a thing.

(Pictured: Purple Ankara Criss-Cross Sports Bra and Leggings)

Yoga is a practice that is all about personal development. You shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to become a human pretzel on the first day. A good yoga instructor will encourage you. They will let you know wherever you are is a great place to be. Embrace all phases of learning because it’s not about being IG ready. It’s about exploring your mind, your body, and your spirit and there is no way you can suck at that.


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